Happy #WonderTradeWednesday!! ^_^

This Wednesday:
Just for kicks... Shiny Surfing Pikachu

I remember in Pokemon Yellow that the Pikachu you raised had a distinctly different playstyle. For one thing, you could teach him Surf in Pokemon Stadium.

(I think this opened up a mini game, but right now I honestly can't remember playing it. I'll have to try it out.)

Yellow's Pikachu had the same stats, of course. Some people thought he was stronger than a 'normal' one, but you could tell he was just a regular chu.

The real distinction was that he learned different moves.


All of this was inspired by me finding my old copy of Pokemon Yellow and hooking it up to my SNES via Super Gameboy. I still have my N64 and Transfer Pak, but my copy of Pokemon Stadium was never returned to me. Yet amazingly, unlike all my other games that were loaned out, Pokemon Yellow came back with my old safe file! Right before the Giovani fight. Oh boy was Gen 1 hard… And slow paced. Today's gamers might not have the patience. Played it through Victory Road, The Elite Four, and catching MewTwo in one speed-run-like sitting and promptly walked away feeling drained yet satisfied.

And wanting more. So I looked around. I don't know what happened to my copies of Silver through Fire Red (and I never played anything after that until Omega Ruby), but I was able to find my old Japanese copy of Gold (shout out to my bro Joe).

After booting it up on the Super Gameboy, that 'mysterious' feeling this indecipherable cartridge first gave me Christmas 1999 came rushing back stronger than ever (super special shout out to my Uncle Steve for making that magical memory happen). Figuring out what everything meant through trial & error, trying to memorize important combinations of those strange foreign symbols, solving a weird puzzle and falling into an unexplainable dark room filled with odd, seemingly-pictographic Pokemon that just felt out of place, almost reminiscent of missingno — as if they weren't supposed to be in the game and I had done something out of the ordinary. The whole experience just dripping with mystery. It felt like I was back inside one of my already most cherished memories all over again. The experience was stronger than a normal happy recollection. It was a reliving.

And I have to say, I was once again struck by how much of a leap forward Gold and Silver were over even Yellow (which itself felt like a huge upgrade when it came out). They did so much with that game. Ask Lucid00 about it. He agrees wholeheartedly. The amount of extra content they packed into that cartridge (they practically put the whole original game on there as an extra) is sheerly astounding.

I was going to post a song to go with this, but the only two songs that fit aren't ready for release. Manny Sachem has an amazing track from the unreleased Melted Crayons album called Cloud Surfin that would be perfect for this, but I don't want to violate his trust just to get a song out in time for this Wonder Trade. Plus which version would I upload? The final, or the OG original version where Manny raps the whole song without drums?

I'd rather just give you guys the free Pokémon and keep ish moving. And the other song, Mark Pheonix and Scott Thorough's Surfin is awaiting a featured verse. Actually, Surfin would be super perfect. But I'd rather hype that joint up first and give it a proper release on here.

So enjoy our two variants of Surfing Pikachu! -Ford4D